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Avast Secureline VPN General Overview

Avast Secureline VPN is a trusted Virtual Private Network that is known to have a global presence in more than 30 countries around the world. Although, it is essential to read the Avast Secureline VPN review, as it has its pros and cons. To start our Avast VPN review, let’s take a look at some of its distinguishing features:

– Avast secure VPN line encrypts both incoming and outgoing traffic to ensure 100% security.

– Ideal for streaming services and transferring large files (P2P supported).

– It supports bank-class encryption and OpenVPN as well.

– It does not log your activity and provides protection against DNS leaks.

– OpenSSL protection with 256-bit AES encryption enabled


? Secureline VPN is designed by Avast and comes with brand reliability.

? Multiple servers in Europe and the USA

? One common IP provision

? Available in several languages ??(24, as of now)


– It supports maximum speed of 2 Gb / s (without unlimited speed)

– Only up to 5 devices can be connected at a time.

– There are smaller servers and locations compared to other virtual private networks.

How does Avast SecureLine VPN work?

When you connect to a resource on the Internet, data from a user?s computer or mobile device is not directly transmitted to the servers, but goes through many intermediate stages. In most cases, such intermediate devices are secure, but the virtual private VPNs themselves, which are connected via the Wi-Fi module, are often not protected. It is at this stage that attackers can take advantage of gaps and hack the device or, even worse, steal personal data accessing Internet resources, registration data of the same social networks or even passwords and codes for accessing bank details or plastic cards.

Good protection is offered by a new security module called Avast SecureLine. What is it in terms of functioning? It is a software product that, for any connection, creates its own tunnel through which the data transfer takes place, and in the encrypted form. This is the technology of so-called tunneling. The essence of the ongoing processes is that when a connection is established to an unsecured network, user data is first sent to a special server, where it is encrypted. Decoding is done directly on the VPN server. Thus, the risks associated with the loss or theft of confidential information are reduced many times.

In addition, thanks to the use of the SSL cryptographic protocol based on the ADS encryption algorithm with a key length of 256 bits, the application can change the real IP address of the connected device with its subsequent processing by websites. The IP address obtained by the web resource is contained in a special AVAST Software company directory, which completely excludes external access to the real user address. In this sense, Avast SecureLine is also an anonymizer in the way anonymous proxy servers work.

The program itself functions perfectly on all versions of Windows and Mac operating systems, and also has official versions for use on mobile devices with Android 4.0 and higher installed on them, as well as iOS 5 and higher.

Key features and benefits of the client

But after the activation of a full-featured package, the user gets quite ample opportunities to ensure protection. In addition to normal Internet access, data from programs such as Skype or Viber are encrypted.

When using search engines like Google and Yandex, the history of visits and queries is not saved. In addition, any personalized advertising is completely blocked.

Finally, the application allows you to visit some sites that have restrictions on the geographic location of the user connecting to them. These include such famous American media resources as Pandora and Hulu. With the program, you can easily change your territorial affiliation by connecting to servers in different countries and cities of the world.


Finally it remains to add that at the moment the integration of Avast SecureLine technologies is included in the most recent anti-virus development of the company, which according to the creators of this software should attract more potential customers.

When using the application, special skills are not required, most of the operations are fully automated, so the user will only have to deal with the selection of some parameters from the list of predefined ones.