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Best Antivirus Software for Canada

The arms race against spyware and malware is taking place around the world. Canada also searches for and creates the best antivirus software.

The best solution to protect your computer according to the AV-Test

Two independent test laboratories published the results of their antivirus research. AV-Comparatives was recognized as the antivirus of the year by Avira Antivirus Pro.

AV-Test recognized that Norton Security provides the best protection among all consumer-level packages, and in the corporate sector they gave all awards to Kaspersky Lab.

AV-Test: Rating by Category

Moreover, Protection is only one of the categories by which AV-Test evaluates the capabilities of the tested antiviruses to find the best antivirus software. Kaspersky Internet Security, for example, received the AV-Test Award in the categories of usability and performance, while Avira Antivirus Pro showed the best results in the “Data Recovery” category.

In turn, Kaspersky Lab’s corporate products prevailed in all categories;

Endpoint Security and Small Office Security have been awarded for better security, better performance, and usability. Symantec Endpoint Protection also received the Best Enterprise Protection Award.

As for data recovery, here, along with Avira, Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool was awarded.

What kind of antivirus was created in Canada?

Canadian Communications Security Center has launched its open-source antivirus product. The tool is named Assemblyline, it is described as a “scalable distributed file analysis structure” that can “detect and analyze malicious files as they are received.”

Intelligence agencies have explained how Assemblyline works by the example of an employee receiving a malicious email:

“Suppose an organization employee receives an email containing a password-protected .zip file that contains a spreadsheet and a Word document.

Assemblyline will begin by examining the source letter. It automatically recognizes various file formats (.zip file, spreadsheet, Word document) and starts the analysis of each of these files. At the end of this analysis, each file is evaluated. ”

The tool is smart enough to recognize file duplication during transfers and focus on new content that may be part of an email, for example, a .jpeg image.

Assemblyline can be configured to use services that perform whatever analysis you want. The tool is written in Python and can run on a single computer or in a cluster. The developers declare that there is no commercial component in the development of Assemblyline.


Canada is one of those countries that is extremely responsible for the protection and preservation of user data. This country has even created its antivirus, which is aimed at improved resistance to viruses, data storage, encryption, antiphishing and so on. This product is called Assemblyline and can scan files of any extension.

Also, according to the AV-Test, which is conducted in many countries, including Canada, the best antivirus solutions are Kaspersky, Symantec Endpoint Protection, Avira Anti-Virus Pro.

However, note that even the most sophisticated antivirus will not be able to protect you from all virus threats by 100%, so also be careful when downloading files and visiting sites.