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ScanGuard Review — Here is What You Should Know

Doesn’t it seem good and satisfying to have a goop-performing antivirus that is reliable enough? Yes, it is. For that reason, you need to be really cautious when you are in search of a fantastic antivirus. Place all the necessary factors under consideration so that you buy a trusted antivirus.

Talking of antivirus apps, we will be having a detailed ScanGuard review so that you can see its reliability and ascertain if you should buy it. Let us get it started.

About the Antivirus

ScanGuard is an adequate performer that is simple, yet powerful enough to keep you safe as expected. It has a range of additional features, along with a VPN to assure you of anonymous browsing. This one contains three packages which allow you to choose the one which pleases you more. We adored the compatibility of the antivirus on multiple devices. If you are afraid that this one would slow down your system, you ought to think again.



Many ScanGuard users have claimed that the player has a fantastic functionality. Both scan options include the Quick Scan which will run via the more important folder on your PC. There is also the Complete Scan, that will checks every single corner on your system. This means that the Full Scan option will crawl over each folder and document to make sure that they are clean enough to be on your own computer.

In case the antivirus notices something fishy, it will instantly quarantine it.

We’ve stated that ScanGuard comes with three packages for every single user to select the one which suits them . Here’s a look at the three ScanGuard bundles:

1. Essential Antivirus

This is the basic plan, and it goes for $24.95, which will give you yearlong protection to get one device. With this package, you’ll acquire real-time anti virus protection, as well as a safeguard from ransomware. Furthermore, you may enjoy optimization tools for your personal computer, along with remote firewall protection. The bundle will prevent dangerous viruses and threats too.

You should be aware that the $24.95 is only an offer presented for your first year. After that, you’ll begin paying $99.95 in the second year.

2. Pro Antivirus

This package is easily the most popular of both and comes at a nice price. For your first year, you’re going to be billed $39.95. Then you will pay $119.95 a year then. This bundle can support up to three individuals, which is cost-saving because you can contribute to enjoy using the anti virus. It comes with all the features on the vital antivirus package. However, you enjoy a Safe Password Vault which permits you to manage your password with a well secure antivirus. You are going to get an antivirus eBook as well.

3. Ultimate Antivirus

This is the most advanced ScanGuard package that goes for $59.95 for five devices (permits ). In addition, this bundle will assure you of 24/7 support staff. You will receive all the features on the first two packages we’ve recorded, but with some additional sets of features. If you want extra protection to your mobile device, this bundle will keep your covered. It offers optimization and protection to your Smartphone. The customer response of the Ultimate Antivirus is very much reliable.

You get a 30-day money-back guarantee along with all the bundles, and it is a fantastic thing.

User Experience

This antivirus is very much simple to use. It’s not likely to give you such a hassle when you are getting started with it. The dashboard is well-designed using a user friendly layout that’s also quite attractive. You won’t have a difficulty when you’re interested in a specific attribute on the dashboard. It’s easy to navigate through it, and the site can also be chick and easy to research.

As soon as you download the anti virus, the setup process is straightforward and quite straightforward. Whichever feature you require, you are able to readily get it in your disposal from once you start using the app. Don’t forget that the antivirus is absolutely free to download. You only pay for the package and its services.

This antivirus is a friend to all, and it lets you download it to any device. There’s no limitation. Generally, you can install it on your Windows PC, Mac, iOS device, as well as Android device. If you would like to expand the antivirus’ security to your mobile device, you’ll want to decide on the bundle that supports cellular device protection.

We loved the aid of this antivirus. You can generally reach them via Live chat or email, and you’ll find the response accordingly. The best part is that the service team is available 24/7. They are also professional and useful enough. For the common issues that consumers face, it’s still possible to get help from their site. Simply go to the Frequently Asked Questions section, and you’ll enjoy a huge knowledge base that needs to be helpful to you.

This antivirus can help keep the malicious content away. But you need to learn about some tips to assist you keep your computer safe.


  • It comes with a 2-wall firewall for Additional security for your computer
  • Easy to use VPN
  • The Tune-Up tools help boost your computer’s performance
  • Decent first-year prices
  • Supports multiple platforms

Easy to use interface

Comes with 30-day money-back guarantee


  • The prices increase drastically from the next year
  • May not work along with the Windows Defender
  • No free trial version


Bottom line, ScanGuard is a good antivirus that provides incredible security to your personal computer and mobile devices. It is easy to use and get started with. Plus, you enjoy the VPN option that allows you protect your id. If you appreciate a quick and ever-available customer support, this anti virus would please you massively. The first-year price is quite appealing, but you should be ready to pay more from the second year. Overall, it’s a anti virus worth looking out.