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Timer Electronic Feeders

What inventions a person has not come up with to make life easier and more comfortable! This progress has not only affected people’s lives: new devices are constantly appearing on the pet products market. One of them is a dog feeder.

Already from the name of the gadget, it follows that the best timed electronic dog feeder is designed to automate the process of feeding a pet. An automatic feeder can be an excellent helper in cases where:

  • You often linger at work;
  • The dog needs fractional nutrition;
  • The pet needs to take medicine at a certain time.

What determines the choice of an automatic feeder?

When choosing a pet feeder, the following factors must be considered:

  • The time you plan to leave the dog alone. This determines how many times the feeder should give food to your pet for you;
  • Pet size. The size of one serving and, consequently, the volume of the feeder depends on this.
  • If you choose a feeder for a puppy, do not despair and think that you will then have to buy a new larger one. It is for such cases that the creators of the feeders came up with special adapters that fit in a bowl. With their help, it is very easy to adjust the portion size.
  • Today, the market has a huge number of different types of feeders, so it’s easy for you to choose the one that suits your pet.

Types of feeders

  • Non-automated. The easiest and cheapest option. This is a regular bowl to which a container is attached. Food is such a feeder does not get enough sleep as scheduled, but as it ends in a bowl. Therefore, feeders of this type are suitable only for those pets who do not have a special passion for food and are not prone to overeating. Otherwise, your pet will quickly gain weight.
  • The most difficult and expensive option. Typically, such feeders have a large compartment for storing food (sometimes up to several kilograms), and therefore are quite bulky. An auto-feeder of such a large volume is suitable in cases where the pet will have to leave one for several days. Many settings allow you to adjust the size of the portions, their number and the time interval between them.
  • Dog feeder with timer and lid. Unlike the feeders of the first two types, this one does not have a separate container for storing food. In other words, it is a bowl with a lid that opens at a specific time. This feeder is more suitable for large dogs than for small and medium ones since the bowl on average contains about 500 grams of the food. The advantages of such a feeder are that the food, being under the lid, does not dust and does not dry out. The disadvantage is that feeding is carried out only once.
  • An automated feeder with several tanks. An improved version of the previous type of feeders. This is also a bowl with a lid but divided into several compartments. In most feeders, there are from four to six, but can be found with a large number of compartments. The mechanism of action of such a feeder is simple. You set the necessary period after which the empty tank is displaced and replaced by a full one. Unlike a programmable feeder, this one can be filled with both dry and wet food.

It is not difficult to train a dog for an automated feeder. Most of them emit a sound signal informing the pet about the delivery of food. However, even without it, the dog will quickly adapt to a new device that gives it food.

Despite its considerable cost, a dog feeder is a very useful purchase with which you will always be sure that your pet is full and satisfied.