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Top VPN in 2018

VPN service is an ideal way to hide the ip address of your computer or mobile phone. This will help get a new level of security when you use the internet. This is necessary to bypass the aggressive blocking of the site by country policy or the working network security settings, no matter how cool VPN is the perfect tool. And we are here to tell you about the best VPN service in 2018.

Our list of the top VPNs services simplifies your life by reducing the choice of hundreds of providers, providing you with some essential information and specifications for each VPN listed. We are continually testing and retesting the best (and worst!) Virtual private networks, too, so you can be sure that the recommendations on this page are relevant and you can trust them.

Therefore, if you plan to buy a subscription to one of them, we will establish the correct “diagnosis” and avoid those that could potentially be dangerous for users.

Most VPN services are global and usually pay in us dollars, so we indicated the prices accordingly. However, when you go to actual payments, prices can be automatically displayed in your currency, it all depends on the payment system.

Which VPN service is better?

The best VPN service now is expressVPN. This is a universal option to save speed, privacy and unlock the websites you need.

The nearest number two is ipvanish, which is another very reliable VPN, we like it very much, especially the way it handles p2p and torrenting.

And the third best VPN in 2018 – vyprVPN – is fantastic for speed in particular. Find out more about these VPN providers in the text below!

Best universal VPN service to save speed, privacy and torrent unlocking

Number of servers: 2000+ | server location: 148 locations | ip addresses: 30,000 | maximum number of supported devices: 3


24-hour support

Wide range of secure connections

The fastest VPN server in 94 countries

30 days money back


Only three links

The most expensive subscription for 1 month

ExpressVPN offers access to over 2,000 servers in 148 locations in 94 countries, along with an excellent feature set for customers with special needs. You get a native client for windows, mac, linux, plus ios, android, and even blackberry (although several models).

2. Ipvanish

Ideal for p2p torrent networks

Number of servers: 1000+ | server location: 60+ | ip addresses: 40,000+ | maximum number of supported devices: 10


No traffic logs

Excellent download speed

Custom software


No free trial

While many VPN services try to allocate their free plans and low-cost commercial products, ipvanish talks more about the quality of service. This is ?the fastest VPN in the world,? according to their site with 40,000+ shared ip addresses, 1000+ VPN servers in 60 countries, unlimited p2p traffic, ten simultaneous connections, no logging privacy policy and much more. Now they have added round-the-clock chat support. Which is very convenient

3. VyprVPN

Great for safe operation.

Number of servers: 700+ | server location: 73 | ip addresses: 200,000+ | maximum number of supported devices: 3-5


High performance

Profitable annual plans

Functional software


Dear monthly subscription plan

VPN is based in switzerland, where there are favorable privacy laws, and this very well affects the work of the service with 73 servers and unlimited use of data.

One thing you should be aware of is that vyprVPN does not refund any money at all, but there is a 3-day trial version.

4. NordVPN

Mega security provider

Number of servers: 4050+ | server location: 60+ | ip addresses: n / a | maximum number of supported devices: 6


Quality mobile and desktop applications

Up to 6 devices

Good performance


The high monthly subscription price

You get more than 3,500 servers in 60 countries, 2048-bit encryption, standard support for 6 devices, reliable protection against dns leaks, a kill switch, additional dedicated ip addresses, encrypted proxy extensions for chrome and firefox browsers, with payment options including bitcoin, paypal and credit cards.

5. Hotspot Shield

Fantastic VPN service for browsing the internet

Number of servers: 2,500+ | server location: 25 | ip addresses: n / a | maximum number of supported devices: 5


Low price

High download speed

7 days trial


Few locations

Anchorfree?s hotspot shield premium allows you to provide all the necessary functions of VPN services at an attractive price with the possibility of obtaining a lifetime license. It supports private browsing, allows ?access to all content? and supports up to five devices.

  1. Tunnelbear

If you need an easy-to-use VPN service, this is it.

Number of servers: ~ 1,000 | server location: 20+ | ip addresses: n / a | maximum number of supported devices: 5


Extremely convenient service

Large selection of applications

Clear privacy policy


Speed may be low between countries

Unprofitable subscription for 1 month

Tunnelbear is a canadian VPN service that is different from all of them for several reasons, perhaps the main one of which is its emphasis on ease of use. You get a wide range of applications covering both desktop and mobile devices, and it is worth noting that the software is very convenient.

Tunnelbear even offers a free service, and while this usually limits you to only 500 mb of traffic per month, with the special techradar offer you can use this much more useful 5 gb. Paid plans give you unlimited traffic and can be obtained for a reasonable $ 4.16 per month.

7. Windscribe

VPN service that offers you infinite connections

Number of servers: 348 | server location: 50 | ip addresses: n / a | maximum number of supported devices: unlimited


Unlimited connected devices

Free 10gb traffic plan

Clear and detailed privacy policy


Average speed

Windscribe is a quality VPN service that has its own windows, mac, and ios, clients. The android client has recently been launched, but it has been flagged as potentially unstable, so use it at your own risk. You also get several browser add-ons that have been praised (and also block spam ads).

Paid plan pro gives you unlimited traffic and any number of devices, as mentioned, you can subscribe either monthly or annually at a lower price – namely, $ 9 or $ 4 per month, respectively.