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TunnelBear Reviews – Our and Custom VPN Review

Not many can afford a paid VPN service. But, or at least you want to use a trial VPN service before purchasing. Today is your lucky day! Canada-based VPN service provider Tunnel Bear offers free traffic up to 500MB so you can test the service. However, is the paid version of the VPN service worth your money? Here you will find an independent VPN Tunnel Bear Review and find out if this VPN service will meet your expectations.

Suggested Countries, Servers, and Metrics

Tunnel Bear has continued to offer VPN services for a very long time. VPN provider adequately serves the western market. However, the company tries to keep the number of countries covered as low as possible.

Presumably, there are 2 explanations about this company policy:

They decided to ignore the Middle East, Africa, and Asia, and focus only on the western market.

Unlike large companies, Tunnel Bear prefers to offer fewer servers but high-quality service.

Tunnel Bear is one of the high-speed bear tunnel diggers on the market. They are judging by the testing, servers in North America, as well as in Europe at lightning speed.

Indicators download torrent files

Typically, the torrent indicators closer to the rates of downloads and download Holland.

Tunnel Bear showed a similar result, but for the torrent, these figures are not at all positive. For downloading torrent files, it is imperative that the VPN service is high speed!

Netflix and iPlayer lock bypass

Unfortunately, Tunnel Bear does not offer dedicated servers for such platforms. There is only one US server option in the software, and you have no other choice.

However, we still managed to connect to a server in the USA and gain access to the Netflix library. Again, randomly selected TV shows and launched the video for viewing. Fortunately, the VPN server was able to bypass the lock and allowed us to watch the video.


As you noticed, the quality of the content was lost. We know how difficult it is for VPN providers to provide access to the Netflix US library. However, the loss of video quality is still not pleasant. No one will pay for a VPN provider that is not able to provide high-quality video.

And as a verdict, we decided that Tunnel Bear was unsuccessfully tested on Netflix.

Next, we have the BBC iPlayer platform …

Unfortunately, the Tunnel Bear servers are blocked by the BBC iPlayer platform.

We contacted the support service regarding this issue to check the speed of the VPN provider feedback.

Cost and refund policy

At this time, Tunnel Bear offers 3 tariff plans: free, monthly and annual plans. Each program has the same functions. The only difference is that in the free version there is limited traffic (500 MB / Month).

Money back policy

Since the company offers a free trial version of the VPN service, you cannot claim a refund.

Desktop software and mobile apps

We always appreciate the VPN provider for easy to use software and mobile applications. In this sense, Tunnel Bear deserves a decent rating.

Software is not limited to lost bears and countries. Tunnel Bear has other software features.

In the General settings, you can change the interface and display of the software when used.

Tunnel Bear offers such a function ?VigilantBear? – the analog of ?Auto disconnect connection.? When you disconnect from the VPN service, all your actions on the Internet will be terminated. This feature is especially important when downloading P2P torrent files.

The ?Ghostbear? feature helps to visit sites as if you are using a simple ISP.

?GhostBear? is an excellent feature for users who are planning to visit or reside in Turkey, Russia, Iran or China (Just before you travel to these countries, make sure that you have the application or software on your device)

Mobile device

Having all the features of the software in mobile devices is a rare case. In the Tunnel Bear applications, you will find all the features of the software.

As in the software, the application is straightforward to use, and you have all the conditions for the security of a mobile connection. Also, you have the option to select the app that will go through the VPN tunnel and which application will go through standard data using the ?Split Bear (Split Tunneling)? function.

Other supported devices

Sad to know that Tunnel Bear does not support other devices. Your mobile device, PC and browser are insured by the company. However, the VPN provider does not support such platforms as routers, Kodi, Firesticks and others…

If you plan to use your smart devices at home, Tunnel Bear will be your number one choice. However, if you prefer a VPN service on devices with manual installation, we invite you to look at other alternatives to VPN providers.

As for browsers, Tunnel Bear has an excellent VPN extension for Chrome and Opera.

Security protocols

Tunnel Bear offers 250-bit OpenVPN encryption by default. Also, the VPN provider does not provide other protocol options.

Tunnel Bear Efficiency

Tunnel Bear software works perfectly for all situations necessary VPN services. We tested the service on a MacBook, Windows PC, Android, and IOS devices and did not encounter a problem with the service bugs.

The software is straightforward and easy to use, especially for beginners.


You have several ways to contact the Tunnel Bear team, but live chat is not one of them. At this time, current feedback methods can be found on the ?Problem Correction,? ?Announcements? and ?Start? pages. For further assistance, you can open the ticket and ask for help.

The unsuccessful attempt to bypass the BBC iPlayer lock pushed us to send a letter about this …

Policy logs! Does Tunnel Bear Logs?

As always, one of the significant moments when choosing a VPN service!

Tunnel Bear stores a lot of user data:

E-mail for marketing purposes and for sending a service purchase receipt

Summing up!

Judging from the review, the protection of the TunnelBear should be a fresh feeling. Seriously! VPN service that works under all the urgent situations; decent speed when downloading and downloading social. Networks; Protecting your Internet connection with 256-bit encryption will make everyone lucky.

However, apart from the positive features, Tunnel Bear has problems with bypassing Netflix and BBC iPlayer locks. At some point, the ?GhostBear? feature is a great option to unblock any site. But the poor quality of the stream does not make the user happy.